Friday, April 8, 2011

A rainy day update...

The last time I wrote we had been married almost 10 months and we were packing up to leave Edmonton. That was before we knew the crazy drivers of Chicago and the unforgiving days of being students together! Today we’ve been married just over 2.5 years and we’ve lived in downtown Chicago in our cozy one bedroom apartment for over 1.5 years! In May Steve will have two more years until graduation and I’ll have one. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for almost 2 years!
This summer we’ll be back home in Edmonton. Steve will work with Walk-Through Tech and I’ll be doing some field education at Urban Sanctuary (centre for spiritual formation on Taylor seminary campus). We are looking for a place to house-sit for June, July and the first few weeks of August in Edmonton. If you know of anyone, please give them our contact info. Email: or call or text (312) 715-8855. And if you yourself need a house-sitter, let us know! I will post an “ad” for this in the next week here.
Although it is often easy to doubt why we are here in Chicago at Moody, God quickly reminds us that we are exactly where He wants us. We wonder what God is preparing us for, what we’ll do, and where He’ll lead us but we’ve learned that maybe He’s more concerned about who we are than what we do.
We greatly appreciate your continued prayers, support and encouragement as we grow and study God’s Word together. Blessings on you all this Spring! As you see God bring new life to the earth in this season may He do the same in you!

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