Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to the Books...

Today is a perfect day for a blog update! I really do want to get better at being more consistent with these things, but until then I trust the Spirit will bring us to your mind and prayers more often than my updates!
I’ve been thinking a lot more about the power of prayer lately as I’ve been taking a class called The Theology & Practice of Prayer. I realized that the things that went awesome this summer were the things we had been praying about for a long time. My internship at Urban Sanctuary was one of those huge answers to prayer. It was an amazing internship and I enjoyed myself, the people I worked with and those I ministered to so much! God really confirmed that the area of spiritual formation, retreat ministry and spiritual direction were areas that He has given me a passion for and gifted me in. There were moments when I would be talking to someone about their relationship with God and it felt like the pleasure of God was welling up in me and I knew I was doing exactly what I had been made to do! Praise God for a perfect internship this summer!
While doing my internship I also helped my friend Jenn Letts prepare for speaking at Bethel Bible Camp’s Girls Camp. It was an honor and joy to work with Jenn and the days I was able to be at camp were awesome! I was able to speak twice and I was so happy to be involved in the campers lives that are so often on my heart.
We are very thankful for a busy summer with Walk-Through Tech. Steve was able to work lots and get ahead on a bunch of upgrades he had planned for the workshop. Business continues and we are so thankful for Stuart Tjostheim who keeps everything going smoothly, allowing Steve to focus on school.
Steve had the honor of being the best man for his good friend Nathan Borkent this summer. He planned a 4 day bachelor hiking trip and a 24+ hour bachelor party complete with paintballing, and an-almost-all-nighter computer game marathon. Our summer began with the engagement party and ended with the wedding! We’re happy to call Nathan family now because Nathan married Steve’s cousin Brillana!
Our summer was a lot busier than we had anticipated and we found it difficult at times to find down time together. However, God was still so good to us. On one particular weekend we decided to go canoeing and camping down the Athabasca River. We thought we were in great need of some peaceful outdoors and relaxing canoeing. However, God saw it differently! While we were out there, it began to rain and it continued to rain for more than a whole day! And needless to say, the river began to flood! We survived some incredibly scary rapids but God answered my loud panic-stricken prayers and we made it to our pick-up point in one piece with nothing lost! Come Monday I was so surprised how rested I felt. We got a big dose of God’s power, His amazingly dangerous creation and the beautiful reality of teamwork that marriage brings. God found a way to bring rest to our souls in a way that we could never have imagined! We saw His hand on us the entire weekend and it was impossible not to see the delight He took in lavishly protecting us. The flood on the Athabasca is a memory that Steve and I will not soon forget! I found out later that my Grandpa Grant and his father also survived the flooding Athabasca…so it’s in my blood to survive the Athabasca in flood!
Steve has taken on a new role here at Moody. He is the President of Married Student Fellowship (MSF). Because there is so much opportunity for students to learn and enrich their marriages, we saw a huge need for just plain fun and fellowship between married couples. We also saw that husbands and wives needed opportunity to spend more relaxed time together. So that is his goal and wish for MSF this year. During the first week of school we had a BBQ Kick-Off with a desert making contest and close to 50 couples showed up! We hope to visit an orchard in October for some apple picking!
This coming May I graduate which I am very excited about. But there are lots of changes that graduation brings. First of all, I will need to do a discipleship internship starting in January in order to graduate. Then in the Fall (2012) I will need to find a job in my field here in Chicago so I can work during Steve’s last year of school. Steve also needs to do his internship this coming Summer 2012. Because he is a missions major we will need to go overseas for that.
As I have been growing in my understanding of prayer I’ve been impressed that we need regular prayer support. We are approaching some significant decisions for our lives and can’t make them without the Lord’s direction. Steve and I would like to raise up some prayer supporters and we’re asking you! We know people pray for us, but sometimes it really helps to know who is praying for us on a regular basis. If you would like to pray one day a week for us, please let us know. Zip us an email saying something like, “Friday’s covered!” Or if there’s a specific prayer request that you would like to pray about below, let us know which one.
  • Growth and depth in our relationships with God
  • Strength in our marriage (3 years this October!)
  • Diligence, perseverance and encouragement in school
  • For Steve as he leads Married Student Fellowship this year
  • For Laura as she seeks out and plans for her internship for Jan-May 2012
  • Direction as Steve researches and speaks to mission reps about internship possibilities for Summer 2012
  • That God would provide a good job for Laura starting Fall 2012
  • Healing for Laura’s extended MacLachlan side of the family as two of her cousins have passed away this summer/fall
  • For Laura’s internship at Urban Sanctuary this summer being a real confirmation to her
  • For the opportunity to be with friends and family this summer
  • For God’s continual provision for us
If you want to be one of our prayer supporters, please let us know by messaging either one of us on facebook or emailing And thank-you so much for any prayer you have offered up on our behalf in the past and any in the coming future. We know prayer works and we are so thankful for the way God has used the prayers of His people to meet our needs.
Laura.** for Steve and me.

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