Thursday, October 13, 2011

3rd Anniversary, Haiti and Missions Conference...

Last week we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! It’s really hard to believe it’s been 3 years already! Last week we also traveled to Haiti! My good friend Lori West who is a missionary there got married on Saturday and now she’s Lori Louis! It was quite an adventuresome Haitian wedding that we will not soon forget! Steve and I got to be her and Sadrack’s photographers and thoroughly enjoyed that. Before we met up with the wedding crew we were able to escape to the beach for a couple days to celebrate our anniversary…kind of an unlikely country to celebrate an anniversary, but experiencing new places is right up our alley and it was exactly what we needed.

This week is mission’s conference here at Moody. As a grad student I’m not required to go to sessions but I’ve been taking in a few sessions with Steve in the evenings that have been excellent. Steve’s been learning lots and comes home bursting with stories and perspectives on missions which makes for a lot of good talks between us. During the week Steve has also been chatting with mission reps to seek out internship possibilities for this coming summer. He’s real keen on hopefully having an opportunity to work with a team who does “business as mission” (BAM). BAM is Christian missionaries working together to meet a business need in a community as well as disciple others. Christian workers will hire locals to work in their business which helps them provide for their families while also sharing Christ with them. 

I found a good article from Christianity Today about BAM if you’d like to know more about it. 

God has totally gifted Steve with a mind for business and a heart for discipleship so he is definitely wired for this sort of thing. I’m really excited not just for him, but for us as a couple because I think BAM will present some unique opportunities for both of us. 

  • Unity-ever since our 3rd date, Steve’s dreams and my dreams have seemed to fit together perfectly and while our “plans” have changed, we’ve always been united in big dreams for the future. And as we look toward the future and seek God’s direction (not knowing His plans), I pray He’ll continue to cultivate unity between us.
  • 3 years of marriage!
  • For our 4 prayer warriors who have stepped up to the plate since our last update to intercede for us on a regular basis. Thank-you! You don’t know how much that means to us!
  • Guidance and wisdom as Steve researches and seeks out the internship God has for him this coming summer.
  • Continued perseverance and passion for our studies.

    Here are some photos from our time in Haiti:

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