Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving from Chicago to Edmonton!

I thought since our site is called "Walkers on the Move" I should post about us moving!  Here's a pile of our boxes that we've been busy packing.  I (Laura) fly into Edmonton tonight.  Two of Steve's friends are flying down from Edmonton and will help him load the truck and drive back with him.  Oh, and they'll do a little Chicago site seeing as well!
Believe it or not, we're moving back to the same place in Edmonton that we lived in when we were first married!  It became available and the timing couldn't be better.  We move in on June 25th.
Please pray for Steve and I as we'll be away from each other for about a week.  Also for a safe journey for Steve, Nathan and Mike.  They'll be driving the moving truck and our car separately.
We will miss our dear friends from Moody but have really enjoyed our last visits with them.  We are excited for this next season in our lives together!

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